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      Rosatelier has been established to offer technical solutions to architects and customers allowing them to design interiors, decors and create atmospheres.

Rosatelier identifies, gathers and manages core artisanal competencies to realize your project.


      Rosatelier has been founeded by Justine Rossetti.

Holding a strong interest and passion for painting, she mastered both theory and practice through her studies at “Beaux Arts” and then the Institute of Art and Archaeology at the Sorbonne. 

She then completed her learning through a training year at “L’Atelier des peintres en décors de Paris”

These years have helped her to develop a strong technical and cultural background which allow her to advise clients (cf. bellow) inspired by the history of ancient and contemporary art as well as classical techniques and materials.

Rosatelier uses traditional figurative and decorative technics passed down through civilisations while adding a contemporary creative touch to dress up the walls of our time.

In close collaboration with the architect or the individual, Rosatelier develops technical solutions, suggests materials, designs and painted compositions that are original best suited to respond to the client’s project in an original way.

In order to realize the client’s project, Justine Rossetti ensure the pictorial part and federates around the project specialized and trustworthy craftsman such as ceramists, mirror specialists, blacksmiths…

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